Competition Results

SE Area L6 & L5 Championships – 21st October 2017

LV5 12+ years 2017

LV6 8 years 2017

LV6 10&11 years 2017

LV6 12+ years 2017

LV5 9 years 2017

LV6 8 years 2017

LV5 10&11 years 2017

LV6 9 years 2017

South East Area Club Grades 6, 5 & 4 – 4th & 5th March 2017




Double Downie Cup – 29th & 30th October 2016


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SE Area Novice and Intermediate Championships Sunday 2nd October 2016








Welsh Levels and Challenge Cup Championships 2016

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CCYC Boys Invitational – Saturday 25th June 2016


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CCYC Men’s Open 2016 spreadsheet


Jewel of the South – March 4th – 6th 2016 – Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club

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Miss Quatro

South east Area Grades 6 & 5Sunday 6th March 2016 – CCYC

South East Area

GRADE 6 2016

GRADE 5 2016

Welsh NDP Tumbling Championships Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March 2016 CCYC

All Tumblers showed huge improvements and looked fantastic tumbling down the track…. we also had lots of positive feedback from other clubs and coaches.  Full results below…..

In Club level 2 – age 7/8 – Ava Lexi Placide 2nd
In Club level 2 age 9/10 – Chloe Evans 3rd
Club level 3 age 11/12 – Arianwen Oldridge WELSH CHAMPION

In National level 2 age 9/10 – Sasha Ismail 3rd, Sophie Moyle 2nd – off to British Finals
In National level 2 age 13+ – Kelli Poole 2nd – off to British Finals
In National level 3 age 11/12 – Kayla Morris – 4th’ Hannah Jones -WELSH CHAMPION – off to British a Finals.
In National level 4 age 11/12 – Kya Placide – 3rd, Kadie Davies Jones – WELSH CHAMPION – off to British Finals
In National Level 5 age  13/14 – Tanisha Johnson 2nd – off to British Finals
In National level 5 age 13+ – Mia Sexton WELSH CHAMPION – off to British Finals
in National level 6 age 13+ – Eva Thompson WELSH CHAMPION – off to British Finals

News on the rest of the squad that competed….
Seren  Lane – did fabulous tumble runs and was up against tough opposition. Seren held her nerve and although didn’t medal looked lovely.
Alethya “Olly” Mcclaggon, recently joining the squad, “Olly” competed in her first ever tumbling competition. She has learnt her runs and news moves really well and showed huge promise as a tumbler. Olly has been with the club for a number of years and is an excellent example of how our club system is working, from the recreational classes, to learning gymnastics shapes and discipline in our development classes, and she spent some time in our elite squad. She has now found her passion in tumbling, and proves that there is something for everyone in our club…..well done Olly.
Shanade Placide, always calm and relaxed, Shanade has improved hugely and completed her runs with poise and with ease.
Melissa Muratore – new to the tumbling squad, Melissa is a member of our Novice squad. She like Olly, showed huge promise as a tumbler.
Megan Donnelly – Megan has stepped up her tumbling this year and shown vast improvements all round. Meg was up against tough opposition, and we eagerly await the final results to see how she did overall.
Bethan Wainwright – Bethan competed her runs better than she has ever done and got huge praise regarding her improved shapes and overall tumbling from many coaches from a variety of clubs. As a Tumbler Bethan is growing in confidence.
WELL DONE TO EVERYONE, that competed. This is only the second time that the club has gymnasts at British Tumbling finals, and to have so many through is a credit to our club team, our coaches and the club as a whole. Exciting times ahead for our tumbling squad…………..

Results from the South East Area Pre Lims held in Cwmbran Stadium – Saturday 5th March 2016
Some of our youngest girls and boys competed their tumble and vaults over the weekend. They did an absolutely brilliant job and were a real credit to their parents, coaches and the club.
The prelim group gives gymnasts a chance to try some tumbling and vaulting and we use some of this group as a feeder into our tumbling squad and through to potentially Novice squad or the Advanced squad.
On Saturday the gymnasts from CCYC, at the youngest age group Megan H took bronze in her vault and as a team with, Leila, Ruby, Cara they gained Team SILVER! Fabulous!!!!
In the next age group CCYC dominated with Heidi 6th on vault and 6th overall, Olivia 4th on tumble, Nia G 5th on both vault and tumble and 4th overall, Holly D 6th on vault and 2nd on Tumble, gaining her 3rd place overall and Danae 2nd on tumble, 3rd on vault and CHAMPION in her age group. All these results could only mean one things for these little ladies TEAM FIRST and GOLD medals all round.
Our only lad to compete Owain G, came away with 1st on tumble and vault and overall CHAMPION, in his age group.
Nia Welsher, did a brilliant job to come away with silver medal in her tumble.
Also well done to everyone else who competed……..a really fabulous day and a great set of results…….

South East Area 5,6,7’s and Prep levels – Sunday 6th December 2015 – CCYC

South East Area

SE Area 6 years 2015SE Area 7 years 2015SE Area Prep Levels 6 & 5 2015SE Area 5 years 2015

British Age Group Championships – Basildon

L2 – Izzy Thomas 14th Overall and 10th combined overall

Sofia Micalef – 12th Overall and Team Wales 2nd

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Quatro Cup Friday 23rd – 25th October 2015

Excellent results over the weekend:

L2 In age – Izzy Thomas 5th overall

L4 In age – Sofia Micalef 7th overall

L3 13+ – Macey Chapman 1st overall and Sophie Wickham 2nd overall

14/15 FIG – Carrlisa Alleyne 3rd overall

12/13 FIG – Ella Gaynor 4th Overall

And well done to our L4 12+ team – Eva Thomas, Tania Ramtin and Tanisha Johnson

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Welsh Intermediate Championships – Sunday 20th September 2015

To finish off an exciting weekend our gymnasts also competed in the Welsh Intermediate Championships with great results:

14 + – Taiya 3rd overall, 2nd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 4th on Beam and 1st on Floor

12/13 – Skyla 3rd overall, 6th on beam and 1st on floor, Belle 4th on Vault and 5th on floor. Team 3rd overall, well done Skyla, Belle, Sophie and  ,

10/11 – Kya 3rd on Vault

8/9 – Andreea 2nd Overall, 2nd on vault, 1st on bars, 1st on floor, Ruby 1st on beam

Full results below:


Bill Slater Junior Team Championships – Stoke-on-Trent – Saturday 19th September 2015

This was the first year that the club had competed in this junior team competition and the club finished a creditable 10th position out of the top clubs in Britain. This will hopefully mean that next year the club will have earned its place to start on the second day of competition. Well done Carrlisa, Izzy, Ella, Macey, Sophie and Lauren and a special mention to Carrlisa who finished 8th over all individually.

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Welsh Novice Finals – Saturday 19th September 2015

An excellent start to a great weekend:

Eva Thomas – Welsh Novice Champion 14+

Lily Shanahan – 2nd Position 8/9 Age Group

Full results below:

Welsh Novice Final OFFICIAL SCORESHEET xlsx

Welsh MAG Regional Grades – Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th September 2015

A fantastic weekend for our boys in the Welsh Regional Grades. Three Welsh Champions:

Club Grade 6 – Dominic Jones

Elite Grade 1 – Alexander Niscovennau

Prep 8 Years – Tamlin Fox

Also many more placing’s for full results please click below:

2015 Welsh Regional Grades Resuls – Elite Grades

2015 Welsh Regional Grades – Preparation Grades

2015 Welsh Regional Grades – Club Grades

South East Area Novice Championships – Sunday 13th September 2015

Some excellent results for the club this weekend. Two South East Champions –

8/9yrs Novice Champion – Lily Shanahan

12+ Novice Champion – Eva Thomas

There were also two Silver Team Medals and lots of individual placing’s, for the full results please click below:

South East Area

SE Area 12+ Novice 2015

SE Area 10&11 Novice 2015

SE Area 8&9 Novice 2015

Rhythmic Future Hopes – WIS Sunday 28th June 2015


Pen y bont Invitational – Sunday 28th June 2015

The youngest competitive gymnasts competed today for the very first time. Team aged 7 started off the competition in Pen y bont gymnastics club, with some fantastic routines, with Yazmin achieving 6th position in her floor. The very cute Team aged 5 captivated everyone with their brilliant vaulting with Gwen 1st, Lilly 2nd, Yugin 5th and Lexi 6th….excellent routines all rounds with Yugin also getting 5th for her bench routine. The girls also came 3rd as a team…… Great work little ones.  Team aged 6 did a great job with all girls achieving something new for the first time today…… Every single one of CCYC’s girls received a special award for their skills in this well run and hugely attended compeition. Brilliant day for some of our development group…… Well done girls


South East Wales Prep Levels – CCYC 7th June 2015

South East Area

Gymstars Invitaional – Rushmore 30th/31st May


British National 4,3,2 & 1 Results



Welsh National and Compulsory Grades

Great Results for CCYC
Compulsory 1 – Ella Gaynor 1st
Compulsory 2 – Isabel Thomas 1st

Compulsory 3 – Olivia Basham 3rd
Compulsory 4 – Sofia Micalef 6th
National 1 – Carrlisa Alleyne 1st, Macey Chapman 2nd
National 3 – Lowri Tanner 6th
National 4 – Skyla Sims 1st

Welsh National and Compulsory grades 2015


Welsh Regional Grades – March 2015

West Street Tumbling Competition – 1.2.15

Results from this morning

Prep L1
Calli 1st CHAMPION, Lilly 4th, Yugin 5th and Gwen 6th

Age 7 L1
Daisy and Monoco – joint 3rd
Team SILVER – Daisy, Monoco, Evie, Annika, Romilly

Age 8 L2
team BRONZE – Heidi, Chloe and Jasmine

Age 9/10 L2
Sophie M 1st CHAMPION Megan H 2nd and Kate 3rd
Team Blue GOLD – Megan B, Megan H, Sasha, Anest and Maddie
Team Red SILVER – Holly, Sophie M, Kate

Age 13plus L2
Lily D

Age 13plus L3
Angharrad Mears – 3rd

Afternoon Results

This afternoons results were all individual placings…..
Age 9/10 NDP L1
Hannah J 3rd
Age 13plus NDP L1
Shanade – 3rd
Age 11/12 NDP L2
Gwenni – 3rd
Age 9/10 NDP L3
Kadie – 1st – CHAMPION
Age 11/12 NDP L3
Belle 3rd, Megan D 2nd
Age 13plus NDP L3
Dan 1st – CHAMPION
Age 13plus NDP L4
Alicia 3rd, Amy 2nd
Age 11/12 NDP L5
Lacey 3rd
Age 13-14 NDP L5
Sophie – 2nd and Macey 3rd
Age 15plus NDP L5
Georgia – 2nd