In gymnastics, tumbling, also known as power tumbling is an acrobatic sporting discipline which combines some of the skills of artistic gymnastics on the floor with those of trampolining. It is practiced on a 25-metre long sprung track.  The main components that make up a tumble run are round off, flicks, whips and various twists and opened and tucked arial somersaults.  Tumbling is an excellent opportunity for older gymnasts to continue their gymnastics careers well into their late teens and twenties as flexibility is a skill not absolutely necessary for success.

At CCYC we have a strong tumbling squad, with ages ranging from 9 to 19.  Our current squad is made up mainly of girls with the occasional boy training and competing for the club.  The squad currently trains once a week on a Sunday and is invite only.

We compete at various tumbling competitions throughout Wales and locally.  We have some very successful Welsh Champions, and we currently have 10 gymnasts from the South Wales Tumbling Squad.


For further information please ring the club.