Cardiff Central Youth Club is home to the best Gymnastics facilities in Cardiff

Highly qualified coaches are provided throughout, from the pre-school gymnastics to Elite level gymnastics.

The Youth Club offers a wide variety of gymnastics classes for all abilities and ages and takes pride in the fact that every child in its program is given professional instruction by highly qualified staff.

Cardiff Central Youth Club.

We proudly host the best all round gymnastics facility for miles.  And miles…

Covering of 896 sq. meters of space
Contains over £100,000 of equipment,
Full gymnastics special sprung floor
…and massive foam pit!

Recent Gymnastics Purchases

Recent Preschool Equipment

12m Air Tumble Track

Various Mats and Beam Protection

Foam Vaulting Horse

New A-Bars

FIG Vaulting Table

Power Springboard

Foam Springboard & Beam

Top Tumbler

Jr Foam Vaulting Horse

Jr Mini Tramp

FIG Vaulting Table

Jr Sweet Spot

We believe that Cardiff Central Youth Club has a lot to offer...

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Excellent Coaches,
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Safe Environment
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Role Models

So you’re welcome to come any time to have a look at our fantastic facilities and even take part in our classes.